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PowderPump direct powder sample injector for ICP spectroscopy.

PowderPump Dry Powder Sampler for ICP-OES

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Introduce your ICP to Powder.

Protact Inc. manufactures the PowderPump™ direct powder injection system for Inductively Coupled Plasma and Direct Current Plasma Spectroscopy. This device introduces dry powder samples into a plasma spectrometer at an operator selected delivery rate typically between 3mg/minute and 150mg/minute. The PowderPump™ delivers material without regard to differences in particle size and density. Digestion-free analysis with up to 500x higher concentration is possible. The light intensity from your spectrometer while using this accessory will impress you. "...I'm running a sample of barium sulfate through the torch now and it's the most violetly purple thing I've ever seen!"

The PowderPump™ was invented to eliminate digestion in sample preparation, to improve detection limits, to deal with materials difficult to dissolve and to obviate precipitation problems inherent in solution preparation. Because the sample retains its integrity at the particle level until the volatilization step in the plasma, unique mineralogical/heterogeneity information can be obtained in addition to measurement of bulk concentration with the use of simultaneous spectrometers.


  • Trace analysis of solids
  • Digestion-free analysis
  • Rapid sample screening
  • Mineralogical/Heterogeneity studies
  • Alumina, alumino silicates, ash, cement, coal, cryolite, fertilizer, flour, pharmaceuticals, pigments, silica, toner, etc.
  • At-line analysis of material in production (e.g.petroleum catalysts) with no digestion or waiting for lab results
  • Direct analysis of preconcentration supports for liquid samples (e.g. Chelex 100)
  • Fundamental studies of dry particle volatilization in plasmas

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Links of interest are: Society for Applied Spectroscopy, Spectra Hardware for DCP support

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