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Siemens Dematic Powerturn Belt Curve Kevlar Wear Pad

  • $1588

This wear pad prevents scraping noise and slider plate damage.  It has a fastener with a thin head bonded between the kevlar pad and a thin strong fabric.  An improved wear pad design for the Rapistan 977 powerturn high speed curved belt conveyor, you can expect much longer service life and the practical elimination of metal to metal damage.  See the photos for wear comparisons.

Time from order to shipment typically 0-20 weeks depending on quantity.  Price shown for up to 800 pieces.  


PHONE 416-567-4539

FAX 905-567-0629

HS Tariff Code 8431.39.0010, conveyor parts.   

0% US Duty. 0% Canadian Duty.

2.5" x 1.5" x 0.2".  1.25" long 5/16-18UNC fastener. 

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